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American Hemp Seed Genetics is an Oregon-based company that produces high CBD seed and flower. We use only organic practices. CEO Jerry Norton is State of Oregon appointed to Oregon’s Industrial Rules Advisory Committee. Industrial hemp seed handler – processor, seed producer, grower, drying, and extraction.
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Bluebird Botanicals specializes in CO2 Hemp Extracts high in naturally occurring cannabinoids.
Producer of highly-potent hemp CBD oil, and reseller of various hemp products.
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Cannextra is a trusted European wholesale supplier of cannabinoids in different forms, ratios and formulas. The range of our product include full-spectrum CBD distillate, THC-free CBD distillate, CBD/CBG isolates, hemp oils with different content of cannabinoids and the other hemp extract products.

We offer:
– Wholesale supply of hemp extracts in different forms and ratios;
– European quality products with the production in Poland;
– Quality control at each stage by the best USA and European specialists in areas of chemistry and plant extraction;
– Both internal and external lab-testing at each stage of production;
– Competitive pricing
– Possibility to supply large orders;
– A client-oriented approach.
CBD Houston, LLC provides high end CBD Isolates & CBD Oils that are organically grown in the USA. CBD Houston is where to buy isolates and oils in Texas.
CBDepot s.r.o has been established as a reliable, long term supplier of 100% legal CBD and CBD enriched consumer products on a B2B basis.
Our mission is to make high quality CBD products available for as many people as possible through user-friendly homepages and web shops providing the customers with a great overview of the best products on the market and as much useful information about CBD as the laws and regulations allow. The vision is to obtain top positions on Google in all the countries where we are represented to reach as many people who might benefit from CBD as possible. In the Danish market this was accomplished within 6 months.
Building a village for sustainable well-being culture. Hamppumaa (Hempland in English) was founded in 2014 to promote hemp industry and sustainable well-being. The purpose is to strive to build a deeper co-operation on behalf of the good things, reduce fear and increase partnership. To allow the purpose we are offering only the best hemp products directly to consumers, for good dealers, and corporate gifts for those who want to help the growth of the Finnish hemp industry and sustainable well-being.
Grower, processor, hemp food, products, etc. Raw material, food, fragrance & incense, sweets, CanaFit, cosmetics, CBD products,
Hemp Farm New Zealand Limited is a sister company with Hemp New Zealand Limited. We are vertically integrated with a grower program reaching 5 regions of New Zealand. This season we sowed 500 hectares through the various regions while. We are setting up full production for hemp foods and a hemp fibre facility at this time. The fibre facility is being set in NZYarns location where we will be producing hemp and wool blends to yarns, Non woven products and more. Our hemp food facility is set up to process hemp seed oils, de hulled hemp seed, hemp milk and more. The facility is also our distribution facility to over 5000 regular wholesale and retail customers.

Our grower program includes 13 farm owners and Land corp NZ which is the New Zealand government land owner. We work with universities and many manufacturing companies while also developing a strong wholesale/retail customer base for the purpose of developing industry in New Zealand.