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American Hemp Seed Genetics is an Oregon-based company that produces high CBD seed and flower. We use only organic practices. CEO Jerry Norton is State of Oregon appointed to Oregon’s Industrial Rules Advisory Committee. Industrial hemp seed handler – processor, seed producer, grower, drying, and extraction.
A non-profit association that promotes and generally supports the industrial hemp industry, and represents hemp growers in various institutions, regional, national and supranational regulatory bodies.
Central Farming Ukraine grows grain and industrial crops, such as wheat, sunflowers, soybeans, barley, and other on own lands located in Kirovograd, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv and other Ukraine regions. Since 2015 Central Farming Ukraine is engaged in cultivation of industrial hemp seeds.
Dewar Seed Farms, a small plant set up to process hemp seed for retail and wholesale business on a farm homesteaded by his grandfather in Dauphin. Dewar Seed Farms is a recognized leader activating in the seeds and bulbs retail industry.
East Mesa Inc. is committed to helping CBD reach its full potential. Our Colorado grown industrial hemp uses the highest quality clones, most effective extraction equipment, and tested against strictest standards. Our products and services are meant to help grow the CBD market and help other growers continue to improve on the quality of their products.
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A Colorado company offering leading genetic growing and harvesting as well as a variety of hemp products.
We will create direct, fair trade relationships with small and large farmers globally to produce high quality, organic, medical grade, legal cannabis for export. In doing so, we will provide medicine for patients, invigorate local economies; contribute to the rebalancing of the local ecologies and roll back climate change through the 3 trillion tons of oxygen we will produce together annually.
Farming and processing with projects in Germany and other European countries. Products include hemp sowing seed, food grade seed, de-hulled seed, flour, protein powder, dried leaves (cut or ground), fiber and shivs. Developer of the MultiCombine HC3400 harvester; Consultants.
Grower, processor, hemp food, products, etc. Raw material, food, fragrance & incense, sweets, CanaFit, cosmetics, CBD products,
Hemp Farm New Zealand Limited is a sister company with Hemp New Zealand Limited. We are vertically integrated with a grower program reaching 5 regions of New Zealand. This season we sowed 500 hectares through the various regions while. We are setting up full production for hemp foods and a hemp fibre facility at this time. The fibre facility is being set in NZYarns location where we will be producing hemp and wool blends to yarns, Non woven products and more. Our hemp food facility is set up to process hemp seed oils, de hulled hemp seed, hemp milk and more. The facility is also our distribution facility to over 5000 regular wholesale and retail customers.

Our grower program includes 13 farm owners and Land corp NZ which is the New Zealand government land owner. We work with universities and many manufacturing companies while also developing a strong wholesale/retail customer base for the purpose of developing industry in New Zealand.