We are focused on cultivating the highest quality cannabis in an environmentally sustainable, proven greenhouse environment. We sell the raw cannabis products both through our ATC and wholesale to other ATCs.
Spanish hemp harvesting and processing.
IES manufactures CO2 extraction systems. Founded in 2012, our goal is to create safe, high quality, food grade extraction tools that are backed by expert service to ensure timely return on investment for our clients. Our extraction systems have operating pressures between 800-3500 PSI, multiple fractionalization options, and vessel volume up to 400 liters.

All of our equipment is 100% automated using proprietary in-house software. This software ensures consistent and repeatable production schedules while eliminating the need for constant monitoring, which reduces labor cost.

IES equipment is certified for autonomous use, allowing for unattended overnight production. Our manufacturing facility is located in Colorado and our European sales office is located in Denmark.
KANNABIO is an organic hemp cooperative in Greece, established in 2016. KANNABIO hemp cooperative has as a mission to promote Greek Hemp as a quality product of origin and assist the development of the Greek Hemp Industry. Our goal is to get involved in organic and cooperative hemp farming and processing, to produce quality organic hemp products, to promote social and solidarity economy and protect the environment.
Kannabio Hemp Cooperative
Hempfactory offers hemp shives in bulk or in bedding. We produce 100% hemp yarn, twine (from Nm 0,3 to Nm2.0; natural, polished, with wax or beeswax), and short/long fibres from retting hemp stalk.
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Processor and producer of cannabidiol.
Mid-State Sales offers hydraulic products and services that facilitate thousands of original equipment manufactured (OEM) products across the country. Our commitment to quality and on-time delivery helps your OEM business execute consistent quality in manufacturing.
Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height & color, MoistTech corp manufactures a series of moisture sensors and gauges to provide continuous, reliable readings with zero maintenance. Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height & color, our moisture sensors provide continuous, reliable readings with zero maintenance. There is a one-time calibration with a non-drift optical design allowing operational personnel to confidently make immediate process adjustments based on real-time measurements.

Seed moisture content (mc), commonly expressed as a percentage on wet weight basis, is the most vital parameter which influences seed quality and storage life. The moisture content is also closely associated with several aspects of physiological seed quality such as seed maturity, optimum harvest time, mechanical damage, economics of artificial seed drying, seed longevity and seed & pathogen infestation.

Small changes in seed moisture content have large effects on the storage life of the seeds. Therefore, it is vital to know and monitor the moisture content to make reasonably accurate predictions of the storage life of each accession.
We produce raw materials of hemp, for processing into products for consumers, in the form of food, lotions, soaps, salves, clothing, building, and medicines. We also are seed brokers, and genetic variation breeders of cannabis.