A non-profit association that promotes and generally supports the industrial hemp industry, and represents hemp growers in various institutions, regional, national and supranational regulatory bodies.
Botanical Genetics is a U.S. leader in cannabis biotechnology whose mission is to develop proprietary cannabis strains for important new medicines and agricultural crops.
Building Tomorrow is a non-profit organization which was created for the sole purpose of planning, designing and constructing a fully sustainable, off-the-grid house in Denmark.
Research center for bio-materials.
Development and distribution of textiles, research in the field of fiber production and processing. Involved in European committees dedicated to the distribution of hemp in other areas such as insulation materials or fiber composite materials.
HempConsult offers guidance on everything from farming and organic certification to legal and tax issues. The company also produces regularly updated market reports on a range of indicators, having been one of the first major industry players to begin to quantify the overall hemp sector when it started collecting worldwide market data in 2012.

The consultancy has its genesis in the long track record of sister company Hempro Int. GmbH & Co. KG, a vertically-integrated hemp firm with interests in Germany, across Europe and China since 2002 — giving it a solid base of knowledge, network partners and experience all over the world.

HempConsult also plays a leading role in the European hemp industry, as a founding member of the European Industrial Hemp Association. The company regularly lends its guidance and voice in efforts to enlighten European Union and national authorities across the continent as they continue to develop a regulatory framework for hemp and hemp-based products.
HempFlax was founded in 1993 by Ben Dronkers with the aim of restoring the age-old crop to its former glory. In the process, HempFlax has grown from 140 hectares of industrial hemp fibre in 1994 to 2,500 hectares in 2017, and we expect to cultivate no less than 3,500 hectares in 2020.

There is a huge demand for high-quality professional hemp products. The synergy between the various branches creates a sustainable and innovative business environment in which HempFlax can become the market leader in the field of industrial hemp production.

Our cultivation takes place in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania with our factories located in Oude Pekela, Netherlands and Alba Iulia, Romania.

We supply for
* Technical Applications
* Animal care
* Nutraceuticals
* Construction
* Genetics and cultivation
* Horticulture
The research projects at the Reutlingen Research Institute are not only being worked out in the teaching and research centers, but also in research groups.
Cluster for research on Italian hemp.
The Industrial Hemp Research Foundation (IHRF) was conceived in 2014 and incorporated in 2015 to serve the re-establishment of Industrial Hemp into the U.S. market and economy, its associated industries, and support necessary R&D by educational and academic institutions.