Building Tomorrow is a non-profit organization which was created for the sole purpose of planning, designing and constructing a fully sustainable, off-the-grid house in Denmark.
Our mission is to make high quality CBD products available for as many people as possible through user-friendly homepages and web shops providing the customers with a great overview of the best products on the market and as much useful information about CBD as the laws and regulations allow. The vision is to obtain top positions on Google in all the countries where we are represented to reach as many people who might benefit from CBD as possible. In the Danish market this was accomplished within 6 months.
IES manufactures CO2 extraction systems. Founded in 2012, our goal is to create safe, high quality, food grade extraction tools that are backed by expert service to ensure timely return on investment for our clients. Our extraction systems have operating pressures between 800-3500 PSI, multiple fractionalization options, and vessel volume up to 400 liters.

All of our equipment is 100% automated using proprietary in-house software. This software ensures consistent and repeatable production schedules while eliminating the need for constant monitoring, which reduces labor cost.

IES equipment is certified for autonomous use, allowing for unattended overnight production. Our manufacturing facility is located in Colorado and our European sales office is located in Denmark.
Makers of a range of insulation materials made of hemp for the facade, roof, wall, ceiling – for the whole house
The Institute creates results by conducting commercial activities and R & D activities in the form of advice, training and laboratory services.