Estonian Organic Protein Cooperation was founded in 2017 by the 5 biggest hemp farmers in Estonia. In 2018 we built a-state-of-the-art hemp production facility capable of sorting, de-hulling and oil pressing.
It is the biggest de-hulling factory in Europe with zero-waste production. Estonia is the 3rd biggest hemp producer in Europe and more than half of our entire country’s harvest is being produced by our members and partners. Total ha more than 6000 per year.

15 years of growing hemp.

We offer a wide range of products ranging from hulled hemp seeds and hemp seed oil to hemp fibre and hemp feed oil. Furthermore, we are one of the few reliable producers of high-quality organic hemp protein 70%. We are certified under ISO 22000, Naturland and the Organic label, and sell our products in bulk or under a private label.

To continuously process high-quality hemp products, we also continue to ramp up our supply of hemp year by year. We may be a small country, but we are known for making big things happen. Also there is a lot of arable land in Estonia, which helps us turn our vision into reality.
Ecodisain OÜ is a company with a sense of mission, which was founded by specialists with long experience in their field. This is Estonia's first advertising gifts agency , whose range of services and products is based on preserving and saving the environment .

Our mission is to make the selection of business gifts, promotional gifts and marketing materials environmentally and consumer friendly, without losing the functionality, efficiency and good design of the products.

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