Estica planting seeds

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High-quality planting seed from Estonia

Estica is a new cultivation seed for grain (food seed) developed by Estonian Organic Protein Cooperation (EOPC), one of Europe’s leading producers of organic hemp seeds for the food sector.

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    Estica planting seed: Key indicators

    • Good shattering resistance
    • Large seed size: 95% over 4 mm (diameter)
    • High purity
    • High yielding – 1.4-1.6 tons per hectare
    • Very low THC level (<0.03%)
    • Oil content up to 35%
    • Growing season about 100 days depending on sowing date
    • Can be sown in the second half of April
    • Tolerates night frosts
    • Moderate/short plant height
    • Seeding rate 120 germinating seeds per 1 m2
    • Direct harvesting with conventional harvesters
    • Thousand seed weight 18g

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