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Join us in the Palace at Nakło for our annual Hemp2020 Business Summit.

To be held at HempToday’s center in the Palace at Nakło, Lelów, Poland, the Summit is an opportunity for current and future industry stakeholders to get up close and personal as we survey the vast opportunities in hemp food and health products, hemp construction, textiles and fashion; hemp farming and processing and specialized field and processing equipment – worldwide.

Join us as we explore investment and business opportunities together.

The aims of the Summit are:

  • To share knowledge and experiences
  • To foster business matchmaking among participants
  • To generate a body of content for broader distribution around the world
  • To jointly explore hemp’s potential as an engine for sustainable economic development

Who’s invited:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Investors
  • Researchers
  • Policy experts

Robust growth predictions worldwide

The hemp industry is expanding all over the world, from Europe and North America to India and China, with triple digit growth in some markets over the coming years.

The demand for hemp in Europe is currently double the supply on the continent – including the demand for seeds – resulting in an inefficient value chain requiring imports from Canada and China, and reflecting enticing investment opportunities in an industry that has already developed a basic regional infrastructure.


As HempToday.net has reported on Europe: “With legacy hemp firms busier and busier at the trading level, more and more creative, smaller companies are developing hemp products, and doing the marketing. Still, imports of hemp seed to the EU from third-party countries remain higher than domestic production, indicating clear room for growth among EU hemp food players.”

EU countries planted hemp on about 30,000 hectares in 2016, and the number of fields dedicated to growing hemp has grown steadily over the last five years.

North America

In North America, where a hemp consumer market is already primed, hemp food and health products make up about 35% of all hemp-based goods sold. Meanwhile more and more states are getting ready for the full opening of the USA market for hemp agriculture, processing and consumer sales – indicating a need for massive investment.


In Asia, where it all started, China is working to restructure its world leading hemp industry while India appears on the cusp of returning to hemp as a major crop within the next 12 months. In both countries, significant investment is needed for restructuring (China) and re-establishing (India) traditional hemp markets.

The promise of hemp

Hemp is one of the oldest, most hearty and versatile plants on earth. It has been an important source of fibres, food and medicine throughout history. The industrial cannabis strain, known as hemp, produces fibre, oil and seeds.

Hemp: Super Food

The main market sections for hemp foods are the so called “super foods,” “nutritious foods” and “bio foods.” Double or even triple digit growth in the sector is expected in the coming years as consumers turn to more healthy, “eco” oriented food products.

Growing industrial hemp and the development of regional hemp processing and manufacturing facilities hold great potential to create thriving local economies, and to build industries that are more in harmony with nature by reducing our carbon footprint.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

The most lucrative derivative of the hemp plant, CBD, has proven effective in a variety of illnesses and maladies. Its acceptance is around the world is growing as studies prove its benefits to those suffering chronic pain and seizures along with a wide range of other afflictions. Major research and development projects are under way worldwide while sales of CBD continue double-digit growth year-on-year.

Hemp fiber

In the construction industry, variously processed hemp straw (shivs or hurds) is used as a main component in bricks, particle board, insulation, and hempcrete, a concrete-like mixture that can be plastered or sprayed onto interior and exterior walls. Hemp building materials reverse the damaging effects of greenhouse gases by locking up harmful CO2 emissions. In essence, these materials breathe. They are also stronger and lighter than those used in traditional construction, and provide natural humidity and thermal control – all in one layer.

Hemp hurds are excellent for insulation, paper, and can be used as an alternative ingredient for making plastics, because of their naturally high level of cellulose. It is also used as a premium-quality animal bedding material due to its high absorption properties, and can be pressed into pellets to create fuel for burning.

Hemp textiles

Hemp makes for long-lasting, comfortable textiles that can go into everything from lingerie to shirts, skirts and sweaters, to footwear, handbags and other small accessories. Hemp clothing is also antibacterial and antifungal – and it breathes! Hemp-based textiles are are both people and planet friendly.

Past participants on Hemp 2020:

“Hemp2020 was the most concentrated and advanced program I’ve ever been to in the hemp space. With participants ranging from the developer of a popular hemp cultivar to product developers and marketers, the international aspect is invaluable. Any new investor or entrepreneur MUST attend to jump-start their knowledge and contacts.”
– Richard Rose, The Hemp Nut Consultancy, Italy/USA.

“A key event for international leaders of the hemp community, to forward the common goals of a stronger Industry worldwide.”
– Haile Selassie Tefari, Hemp Service International, France

“Hemp2020 was like joining a family reunion. It was beautiful to get in contact with people from all over the world and it was the most important event for my networking in international aspects.”
– Henry Wieker, Founder & Inventor, Henry’s Hemp Harvester, Germany

“A rare opportunity to meet with passionate and persistent leaders of the world hemp movement in an intimate, beautiful setting. The format gave ample time for face-to-face exchanges with other participants in a graciously accommodating setting.”
– Pamela S. Bosch, Highland Hemp House, USA

“Hemp2020 proved nothing less than a game changer for us. We met both pioneers and upcoming innovators in the field of hemp, and by the end our dream project got a donor!”
– Nivedita Bansal Shah, Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures, Nepal

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