Oct. 19-20, 2018 • All Sectors, Technology, Farming, Public Service

Hana Gabrielova, CEO at Hempoint, Czech Repbublic

Hana Gabrielova
Founder & CEO, Hempoint, Ltd., Czech Republic

Hana is one of Europe’s pioneering and most innovative hemp entrepreneurs and activists. She is a widely recognized expert and consultant on everything from hemp farming to patient focused certification (PFC) for medical cannabis​,​ through her affiliation with the Prague-based International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute.

Eric McKee
CEO, Wndr, Colorado, USA

Eric is an eco-entrepreneur specializing in hemp based solutions to combat global problems. A U.S. Marine veteran, he later worked for major brands in the outdoor/ski sector where he discovered hemp’s disruptive potential in the plastics industry. Eric oversaw construction of the first permitted hempcrete structure in Denver, Colorado, and later spent time demonstrating hemp’s potential for humanitarian purposes at Haiti’s Wynne Farm Nature Reserve. Eric provides business development opportunities for Witlon Inc. which offers payroll, management services and consulting to the cannabis and hemp industries.

Henry Wieker, Henry's Hemp Harvester

Heinrich Wieker
Founder/Owner, Henry’s Hempharvester, Germany

Henry is helping to ease the harvesting and processing stages for small and medium-sized farms and has been doing intense research and development for the past three years. He is an electrical engineer and owner of Henry’s Hempharvester (HHH), a startup which is developing the machine. He’ll eventually target sales at small hemp agricultural enterprises up to 200 ha that grow hemp for CBD extraction, food and other niche products – and who struggle with laborious hand-harvesting methods, limiting efficiency.

Andris Visnevskis
Co-Founder, Obelisk Farm, Latvia

Andris is co-founder of Latvia-based Obelisk Farm, a working hemp farm and food producer that also serves as an education and agro-tourism center promoting industrial hemp and its many uses. Andris is insulating the Obelisk Farm farmhouse with hempcrete under a project launched in 2017. He is currently studying food technology at the Academy of Technology in Rezekne, Latvia.

Brian Houlihan
Curator, Dublin Hemp Museum, Ireland

A long time cannabis activist, Brian has been a leading figure in the effort to reform Ireland’s drug policy through Hemp Not Harm and Students For Sensible Drug Policy Ireland. Brian does a podcast for the Dubin Hemp Museum, writes regularly about hemp, and is currently researching for a book about Ireland’s hemp history. Brian ran for office in local elections in 2014 as an independent candidate.

Nivedita & Dhiraj Shah
Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures, Nepal

The Shahs are founders of Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures, Nepal. The company sources hemp “wildcrop” – feral, reoccurring cannabis plants – from locals for a growing range of applications and products in health & beauty and hemp construction along with the textiles. Through “hEmpowering Bottom Up,” SHIVworks to advance economic and social development among Nepalese women. SHIV also works closely with the International Hemp Building Association, and has completed several hemp construction projects for poor villagers and for public medical facilities.

Pamela Bosch
Founder, Highland Hemp House, USA

Pamela is an educator, artist and hemp activist, and founder of Highland Hemp House, a pioneering project in the State of Washington to use hemp-lime and other natural materials for retrofit to create an ideal, healthy living space. She formerly taught at Bellingham Technical College and Northwest Indian College, also of Bellingham. A member of the Washington State Farm Bureau, Pamela works at both the state and federal levels to clear the path for growing, processing and making products from hemp.

Piotr Jastrebski
CEO & VP, Podlaskie Konopie, Poland

Piotr and his brother Marcin farm, process and sell hemp derivatives from their vertically integrated hemp operation in northeastern Poland, picking up a family tradition that was temporarily lost in the second half of the 20th century. Their company, Podlaskie Konopie, is also active in Poland’s natural building scene, conducting hempcrete building workshops and frequently appearing at natural building trade shows.