FHB Speakers

Paul Benhaim

Paul is CEO at Hemp Foods Australia and CBD-maker Elixinol. Hemp Foods Australia (HFA) is the southern hemisphere’s biggest hemp food player, which deals in hemp seeds, oil and protein. CBD-maker Elixinol, which made its debut on the Australian Securities Exchange in January 2018, has established operations on four continents. More about Paul.

Hana Gabrielova

Hana Gabrielova

Hana Gabrielova

Hana is founder and CEO at Hempoint, Czech Republic, a vertically integrated organic hemp farmer and food innovator and one of Europe’s leading hemp consultancies. Hana works directly with local farmers and contractors in creating a constantly evolving line of hemp food products from farm to shelf. She is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture as an adviser in organic farming with a specialization in hemp. More about Hana.

Daniel Kruse

Daniel Kruse, HempConsult GmbH

The Founder of both Hempro Int. and HempConsult, Daniel Kruse has been in the hemp industry since 1995. Hempro Int. is a vertically integrated Dusseldorf-based producer and wholesaler of hemp foods, bulk raw materials for food, textiles, accessories and cosmetics. Daniel is a senior advisor to entrepreneurs, startups, investors and other industry stakeholders through HempConsult GmbH, an independent consulting firm. He has a background in banking and studied in the USA and Germany. He is also a member of the board of directors at the European Industrial Hemp Association. (www.eiha.org), and a Senior Adviser to HempToday. More about Daniel.

Esther Molenwijk

Esther Molenwijk Dutch Harvest

Esther Molenwijk

Esther is the founder of Dutch Harvest hemp tea. As a sustainability consultant, she discovered hemp’s immense potential for a cleaner and healthier world, and decided to create this Dutch hemp tea brand to get hemp back into people’s homes while at the same time creating an extra value stream from the industrial hemp plant. With the help of a crowd-funding campaign, she was able to realize her first hemp tea harvest in 2015. She developed the production process in close cooperation with Dutch hemp grower Dun Agro. Esther is also founder of the Hemp Collective, a foundation aimed at inspiring and educating the Dutch public about the possibilities of hemp. More about Esther.

Arne Verhoef

Arne Verhoef of Stokvel Collective

Arné Verhoef, Stokvel Collective, with a Moringa plant.

A trained biologist, Arné is an avid horticulturist with a keen interest in hemp and other plants he believes will shape the 21 st century. He is the founder of HempHub, a South African developer of health products based on CBD hemp and other healing plants. He also manages The Stokvel Collective, a Community Supported Agriculture project that seeks to spread regenerative agriculture through proper guidance and grassroots action.

Anar Artur

Anar Artur started the first and only company in Mongolia licensed and authorized to conduct hemp cultivation, production and export. He graduated from Raffles International University, Mongolia in business and marketing. Before starting HempMongolia in 2016, Anar served as marketing supervisor at leading Mongolian private companies including MCS Coca Cola LLC. and Petrovis LLC.

Kehrt Reyher

Kehrt is founder of HempToday and co-founder of the Poland-based Nakło Foundation, which supports environmental protection, entrepreneurship and green industry thought leadership globally; and historical preservation, economic development and tourism at the local level. He is founder and past President, CEO and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VFP Communications, a Warsaw-based B2B media company. A former European Bureau Chief for Smart Grid Today, Kehrt previously worked as an editor in the U.S. at The Providence Journal, The Detroit News and USA Today.