Hemp included in New York program backing fiber production

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Hemp is now included in a New York state program aimed at supporting fiber-based textiles.

A new law put hemp, wool, alpaca, cashmere and linen in the state’s Grown and Certified Program, from which they can receive seals of approval. The law builds on an existing program designed to develop local agricultural supply chains in the state and promote New York farm products.

The expansion of the Grown and Certified Program is part of a strategy to promote the state’s fiber industry through marketing and continuing infrastructure development, said Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo. “It is an important step that I hope adds momentum to a new and exciting ‘farm to fashion’ movement building in NYS,” Lupardo said.

“The boom in industrial hemp and the growing interest in sheep and alpaca farming are trends we should reward and encourage, and the hope is that this new opportunity will also enhance connections between New York growers, processors, and producers of finished items,” said Sen. Rachel May. “New York’s textile manufacturers are eager to showcase their high-quality products, and consumers increasingly value the opportunity to purchase local products.”

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