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Get the story behind the story from HempToday Intel, our roundup of analysis and commentary by leading global industrial hemp players, analysts and long-time observers. We tell the story from the inside, guiding you to adjust your thinking and strategy in a rapidly evolving global hemp marketplace. HT Intel is designed for industry leaders — investors, CEOs, managing directors, regulators, legislators, analysts and researchers.

HempToday is the leading international information source dedicated strictly to the industrial hemp industries, with a network of global organizations and companies — industry change agents from Europe to Asia, North America to South Africa — who are working together to shape a credible body of information and intelligence for the good, and for the future of the industry.

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  • Insights from industry leaders and experts with special attention to what is working in the field, factory and marketplace.
  • The stories and strategies of stakeholders in all facets of the hemp industries — from seed science and farming to machines and processing equipment down to what’s happening in the commodities, wholesale and retail markets.
  • Regulatory and legislative developments and policy making that is driving development of the industry worldwide.
  • Cutting-edge utility technologies and standards being developed and tested to deliver high quality, cost-effective products and services.
  • Updates on the real-world challenges, successes of your peers, competitors and customers.

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Recently reported by HempToday Intel:
• ​Sorting out the CBD flap in the United States  . . . as stakeholders take another hit • ​Negotiating the media landmines, badly  . . . and where are the associations when we need them? • ​Pushback in the UK seems to bring rewards . . . but a cautionary tale: Finola and the UK • ​Abrupt turnabout for medical cannabis in Poland . . . will ‘nope to dope’ attitude affect hemp? • Japanese market nipped in the bud . . . busts, a rules change, and a company folds • ​From the Department of Self-Promotion . . . our new hemp marketplace platform is on the way . . . let’s go to Colorado  

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