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We match innovative hemp companies with creative capital of all kinds, fostering “tight-fit” mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and commercial relationships. Have a look into HempToday MatchMaker to see where the world’s hemp leaders are going, and how you might join forces to grow your business, and the industry.

Offer: 011701
Harvesting and processing equipment

We are hemp wholesalers in contact with a lot of various producers across the world always interested in putting current technological developments to fruition; in order to improve current processes and/or engaging in new fields. If your company offers cutting edge technology, for both small and large scale machines at every level of the transformation and packaging, please inquire about us.

Offer ID: 101601
Hemp food: Seeking strategic partner/Investor

Vertically integrated hemp food company with activities at the agricultural, processing and end user markets includes education. Also a certified seed broker, the firm has a six-year track record of growth, and is a leading international hemp consultancy with strong contacts among key global hemp firms, industry organizations, and scientific & research institutes (CBD and medical cannabis) in which it has ‘key man’ roles. The firm has 15 years experience and is a consultant on every aspect of the hemp industry, from the farm, where it advises agriculture partners in the field, through to processing partners, wholesale and retail resellers.

Offer ID: 1016012
Health products: Post startup making unique formulations

The company is already active in the production and processing of medicinal plants and other botanical products, with a goal to further expand its line of high quality and unique formulations that amplify the effects of hemp flower extract-enriched products including those of high CBD content. These formulations intended for internal and external use are relatively simple and inexpensive to develop and manufacture, and can rapidly proceed from initial R&D to a finished, on-the-shelf product.

Offer ID: 091621
Health products & distribution; government relations

Having just completed a profitable first year, the company started operations by producing and marketing a CBD-based product in a major European market, quickly developing strong distribution channels in more than 800 pharmacies and more than 150 herbal shops. The company has ongoing business and R&D relationships with one of the world’s oldest and leading university-based scientific institutes that is researching hemp from cultivars to finished products; and key relationships in ministerial and regulatory circles. The company plans to exploit these assets to broaden its hemp product portfolio to include hemp food and cosmetics.

Offer ID: 091612
Hemp construction: Seeking strategic partner

The company is a startup in hemp building for the ‘tiny house’ niche, a sector enjoying fast growth globally, especially in North America. The company’s principle is a 20-year green builder with experience in larger commercial builds and in retro-fitting typical American wood-frame houses with hempcrete. The company already has strong and profitable assets in hemp education (workshops and seminars) in North America and is under contract for major building projects over the next six months.

Offer ID: 081602
Hemp construction & materials: In rapid expansion

The company is a leading European hemp construction firm that offers unique as well as traditional structures: residential, commercial and retail. The unit also has proprietary supplier status for key natural building formulas required for all kinds of hemp building – to address the steadily growing hempcrete supply market. Management is a recognized expert and international consultant on hemp building.