Hemp Industry Organizations

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Hempstead Project Heart
Grassroots Organizer and Event Coordinator.

American Hemp Association
Group of independent hemp professionals and experts dedicated to supporting the diverse sources, networking, advocacy, legislation & education of Cannabis hemp. As A’HA™ grows it is determined to move the small early-adopters into mainstream use as a united voice for the American hemp industry.

National Hemp Association
Trade association (501c6) broadly in support of the rebirth of hemp in the U.S.

Hemp Industries Association
Represents the interests of the hemp industry and encourages; research and development of new products made from industrial hemp. There are 16 state HIA chapters.

Indiana Hemp Industries Association
Non-profit trade group representing Indiana hemp companies, researchers and supporters.

Kentucky Hemp Industries Association
Affiliate of national HIA; representing interests of state hemp stakeholders and promotes industrial hemp via education, research and knowledge transfer.

Kentucky Hempsters
Working with farmers, processors, manufacturers, brands and other organizations to create awareness and demand for industrial hemp.

New York Hemp Industries Association
Affiliate of national HIA; Represents the interests of the hemp industry and encourages research and development of hemp products.

North American Industrial Hemp Council
Promotes the commercialization and use of products made from industrial hemp.

Oregon Hemp Growers Association
Represent interests of hemp growers and industry and encourages the cultivation and development of products made from industrial hemp, low-THC oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis.

Oregon Hemp Convention
Annual conference and exhibition.

Rocky Mountain Hemp Association
Non-profit supporting industrial hemp industries.

Tennessee Hemp Organization
Provides information exchange and general support for hemp farming and processing industries statewide.

Vermont Hemp Industries Association
Affiliate of national HIA; Non-profit association dedicated to hemp farming & industries.

West Virginia Hemp Farmers Cooperative
Organization backing seed cultivators and testers, growers, manufacturers and distributors, and promoting  hemp farming and the hemp industries statewide.


Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers/Manitoba
Producer co-op that grows and processes industrial hemp for grain and fibre.

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance
National organization that promotes Canadian hemp and hemp products globally.


Konopko is a cooperative that works to integrate producers, processors and researchers to expand the industrial hemp markets through innovative, entrepreneurial projects in support of rural/urban economic development. The group integrates individuals, organizations and institutions to accelerate the development and deployment of alternative natural solutions for building and other eco-practices via open source information exchange.

World Green Building Council
Umbrella organization for a network of national green building councils in more than 100 countries. The organizations work for the transformation of the local building industry toward sustainability. The European Region of GBC comprises 30 national chapters.

European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)
The main trade group for industrial hemp in Europe. EIHA issues studies and a comprehensive annual report on the European hemp markets. Eleven regular members; 97 associate members.

The International Hemp Building Association (IHBA)
Non-profit consultancy and knowledge sharing group with 150 members in 25 countries. Annual symposia.

A platform dedicated to the sustainable building sector that aligns  European organizations via national and international portals. A European Union IEE project.

An International Association for sustainable building and living with circa 100 members in European countries. The aim of the Association is to promote sustainable development within the building sector.

Green Building Council/UK
A charity and membership organization, GBC/UK promotes green building and facilitates dialogue between industry and government in the green construction sector.

German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)
Promotes sustainable and efficient building through more than 1,200 members in Germany and worldwide. Members represent construction and real-estate sectors: architects, planners, investors and scientists.

Association supporting the reintroduction of hemp cultivation and the use of hemp raw material for major industries including construction, automotive, textiles, paper and fuel pellets.

Österreichischer Hanf Verband
The Austrian Hemp Association (ÖHV) is the professional organization of the Austrian hemp industry. Through constant and professional media and lobbying, they direct the focus of politics and society on the happenings in the hemp market.

L’Associazione Culturale Canapa Sarda Onlus/Italy
Association promoting and local hemp supply chains. Address legal, cultural and ethical issues around hemp farming and production and issues affecting stakeholders.

Promotes the culture of hemp, its history and its multiple uses. Organises events and workshops related to customs and traditions of hemp in the local community. Supports hemp as the basis for local economic development in the Versilia area in northern Italy.

Konopa CZ/Czech Republic
Promotes restoration of hemp as a means to sustainability and for its potential to support local economies. Konopa CZ conducts workshops, seminars and trainings, and works with like-minded NGOs and governmental institutions.

A network of researchers, traders, farmers and individuals supporting the hemp industries via information sharing and consultation.

Association of Russian Hemp Manufacturers
Coordinates the industry of hemp manufacturers and promotes new technologies for developing the Russian hemp industry. Advises processors and manufacturers on technical and equipment development.

Latvian Industrial Hemp Association
An initiative of agricultural organizations, builders and light industry, the association aims to bring natural fiber and other renewable feedstock growers, processors and other professionals together to promote natural fibers and other renewable raw materials production. Promotes agricultural and industrial development in Latvian regions.

Non-profit association focuses on renewable raw material-based products, and works to develop the hemp industry in the Waloon Region.

Associazione Canapa Siciliana/Italy
Non-profit association that promotes a hemp-based agro-industrial complex to develop industry around hemp fibers for the industrial sector and a wide range of derivatives for other hemp products.

A network of national and regional companies and associations working together to promote industrial hemp as a key contributor to the “green economy.”

Association promoting farming, processing and production of hemp products. Brings together researchers, projects, businesses and organizations to jointly work on expanding the fortunes of industrial hemp in Tuscany and nationally.

Association that boosts cultivation of hemp, flax, nettle and jute and manufacturing of those fibers into a wide range of finished products. Operates in Cermignano in Teramo Province.

An association working on an “open source” basis to promote, experiment and develop innovative sustainable solutions based on hemp.

Canapa Live/Italy
Cultural association supporting the reintroduction of hemp, its many uses and potential for economic development.

BRE Centre of Excellence/University of Bath
Consultancy, research, testing of all aspects of the built environment and associated industries.

Association promoting hemp in all of its potential uses.

Federation Nationale des Producteurs de Chanvre (FNPC)/France
An independent, non-profit association, FNPC is a hemp breeder, represents french farmers producing industrial hemp, and certifies hemp seed production.
20 Rue Paul Ligneul; Le Mans, 72000, France; Phone: 33 2 43 51 15 00; Fax: 33 2 43 51 15 09.


Indian Industrial Hemp Association
The IIHA is a national organization promoting Indian hemp and hemp products globally. Members include farmers, processors, manufacturers, researchers, entrepreneurs and marketers.