Inside the HemPoland sale and what’s ahead for CBD?

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About the Podcast

Pilot Edition

PART ONE: Jacek Kramarz, Sales Director at HemPoland, talks about the evolution of the company before it was acquired in August 2018 by The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd., Canada in a $15 million deal in August 2018.

PART TWO: HempToday Editor & Publisher Kehrt Reyher talks with cannabis veterans Boaz Wachtel, Chairman at Creso Pharma and Pavel Kubu, CEO of the International Cannabis and Cannabinioids Instititute about global challenges to the CBD sector; and old times in Israel & the Czech Republic.

Time stamp guide to the episode:

01:11 – Begin: Interview with Jacek Kramarz
01:28 – Execution of the strategy since 2016
02:25 – Biggest such deal in Europe
03:10 – Main markets for CannabiGold
03:40 – Looking at other promising markets
04:08 – Contrasting EU and U.S. markets
08:00 – Changing profile of the CBD consumer
08:22 – What now for HemPoland & CannabiGold

09:23 – Looking back and ahead with Pavel Kubu and Boaz Wachtel.
10:33 – Why Israel was so advanced in the early days.
11:32 – United in early cannabis struggles.
12:10 – Czech Republic’s role in European medical cannabis.
12:55 – Overview: Mission of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute.
13:55 – The need to properly inform patients of basic data on cannabis products.
14:33 – Problems revealed in ICCI study of CBD products this year.
16:00 – Creso Pharma strategy to ensuring high-quality products.
17:00 – Quality is in focus, some growers may get squeezed.
18:53 – The challenges facing CBD.
20:50 – Europe’s problem with allowable THC levels.
22:45 – Global markets that hold promise.
25:04 – What’s ahead for ICCI.
26:30 – What’s ahead for Creso Pharma.

28:55 – Promo: Hemp2020 Business Summit: Entrepreneurship & Investing.

More reporting from The Future of Medical Hemp.

Produced by: HomeGrown Media & HempToday.

Recorded during The Future of Medical Hemp Summit; August 24-25, 2018, HempToday Center, Nakło, Lelów, Poland

Copyright 2018 HempToday. All Rights Reserved.

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