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The Palace at Nakło

HempToday® is operated under the auspices of the Poland-based Nakło Foundation, which supports environmental protection, entrepreneurship and thought leadership globally; and historical preservation, economic development, cultural and other community building activities at the local level. In both cases, hemp is a big part of what we do.

Kehrt Reyher
CEO & Publisher
The Nakło Foundation

Marshall Reyher
Chief Technology Officer
MPR Studio, USA/Poland

Nakło Foundation activities:


HempToday® is a family of information and communications services that has helped hemp stakeholders all over the world connect with each other and work together toward the common goal of a vibrant, well-functioning hemp industry. Our network stretches from Europe to North America, Asia and Africa. We offer a wide range of PR, marketing, design and other communications services specifically for the hemp industry.


HempStrategist combines the insight and clout of HempToday with actionable SEO that can excite others into action with the focus on your products or services – and drive hemp’s ultimate acceptance in the marketplace. HempStrategist will help you increase your visibility and raise your authority in search; reflect the full knowledge and expertise of your hemp company in your specific field or sector; and add value to the overall body of knowledge in the hemp industry to raise the SEO water for everyone.

HempToday® Center

Our Center is not only home to our family of HempToday® media and communications services, but also a place for learning, inspiration and experimentation. Located in the Palace at Nakło in south-central Poland, we also host a series of thought-leader mini-summits that bring together hemp industry stakeholders and experts from all over the world.

Renovation of the Palace at Nakło

The foundation is custodial tenant and directs an ongoing project that is restoring the Palace at Nakło, an 18th century estate in south-central Poland which is operated as a hospitality destination, and which serves as the headquarters of the Foundation’s hemp industry activities.

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