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A hemp revolution for the 21st Century

old school hemp processing machine

We don’t go along with the climate-change skeptics. But King Hemp’s potential to improve our environment and our lives goes well beyond its many “green” qualities. HempToday is dedicated to the rediscovery of an ancient tradition: the use of the versatile hemp plant in everything from medicine and  food to cosmetics, building materials and automotive parts. From farm to factory to market, HempToday’s mission is to reflect the dynamics of a legacy industry revolutionizing itself, and staking a claim to the future — the news, the policy and politics, the latest research and knowhow, the companies and, most importantly, the people — the scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators who are leading the hemp revolution.


We are interested in scientific, policy and research papers that explore hemp farming, and the processing, production and marketing of hemp-based products.

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Send us news of your company’s product and project launches and, most importantly, the people who are leading the hemp revolution.

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