Barcelona museum to host exhibition on history of Cannabis in Japan

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Barcelona’s Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum will host an exhibition on Cannabis in Japan beginning May 12, 2022 and running through next February.

“Cannabis Japonica: A Showcase in Japanese Traditional Cannabis Culture,” is in collaboration with the Taima Museum of Nasu, in Japan’s Tochigi prefecture.

The exhibition will showcase Japan’s 10,000-year history of Cannabis, which was once highly symbolic in Japanese culture, and has had important symbolic roles in two principal religions: Shintoism and Buddhism.

While Cannabis has no historical record of being smoked in Japan, at one time it ranked alongside rice in terms of importance, and records show the plant has been used for clothing, rope, fishing gear, building materials, food and medicine for centuries.

The Taima Museum holds a collection of cannabis artifacts and conducts lectures and workshops throughout Japan. The museum was founded in 2001 by Junichi Takayasu, Director and Curator.

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