Finola and the UK: Cautionary tales

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Go over and have a look at the Current Status for Finola in 2017, if you haven’t seen it yet. Trust us, the headline undersells it

as Finola founder Jace Callaway embarks on what he calls “the DEFRA thing (Prohibition 2.0)”: “Instead of wasting another seven years with polite e-mails, we quickly decided to launch a judicial review against . . . .” Undersold, and compelling on two accounts: First it’s a cautionary tale about what can happen in the UK specifically (see above) or, well, anywhere else. Second it’s a we-refuse-to-take-this-lying-down kind of story that we need more of. Must read: Finally, as Jace told us: “For us, it is important to inform the community because 1) too many thought this prohibition applies to the entire EU, when it never did, and 2) this can happen again to any hemp variety. It is the second time it has happened to us. Other European varieties have been lost through this same sort of incompetence.”

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