Products tested in Hawaii show variance in CBD content

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Laboratory testing of seven CBD products on the market in Hawaii found not one of them contained the amount of CBD advertised on the packaging, according to an investigation by Honolulu News Network.

“About half were pretty close while the others tested either significantly lower or significantly higher,” HNN wrote of the results from tests carried out at two state-certified labs. 

HNN published the responses of some of the companies whose products were cited in the report.

Other problems

Of greater concern, HNN said some samples showed traces of fungus and bacteria. One sample proved “hot,” or over the legally allowable THC level of 0.3% observed in the United States. 

Medical marijuana card holders in Hawaii can purchase CBD legally, but state officials told HNN the growing number of retailers selling the compound is worrisome. 

Call for clear policies

“We do need to have some clear policies on what is allowed and not allowed,” Hawaii Health Director Bruce Anderson told HNN. “We simply don’t have the staff that can go out and pull product from shelves at all the stores here in Hawaii. 

Similar problems with mislabeling and contamination of CBD products have cropped up on the U.S. mainland, and in Europe over the past year.

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