Polish natural builders join ‘Deep Green Building’

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The Polish Natural Building Association (OSBN) has joined as a partner on Deep Green Building, an international initiative advancing hemp-lime construction. The project launches with lectures and a hands-on workshop Feb. 22-24 in Poland.

“OSBN is leading Poland’s vibrant natural building scene and represents a lot of dedicated, creative architects and builders,” said Kehrt Reyher of HempToday, organizer of the Deep Green Building project; it begins with the construction of interior walls in the attic of an 18th century estate that houses HempToday’s parent organization, The Naklo Foundation.

OSBN gathers designers, contractors, natural building materials producers and do-it-yourselfers, promoting construction from materials such as straw, hemp-lime, clay and other renewables using simple production processes. It also works on research and development projects with third parties on ecological construction and engineering technologies in renewable energy, water management, wastewater treatment and waste management.

The group, which also promotes Poland’s natural building scene internationally, last year held its first-ever Festival of Natural Building in Warsaw.

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