Year in Review: Spread of psychoactive hemp products is major step backwards

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[First in a series of the most popular stories on HempToday in 2023

Doldrums in the CBD sector continued to be the most important hemp story in 2023, as a drastic downturn lingered for the third year. Those CBD purveyors who’ve managed to hang around have done so, in part, by leaning on sales to makers of synthetic delta-8 THC and other high-producing hemp-based products – thereby dragging down the image of the hemp industry overall. By making and promoting psychoactive products made from hemp, irresponsible, profit-chasing CBD producers have reversed years of efforts aimed at differentiating hemp from marijuana. It does not bode well for the industry overall, as investors are further disincentivized from supporting the food and fiber subsectors. Stories about CBD and psychoactive hemp products most popular among HempToday readers in 2023:

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