Australian state cites job creation in raising THC limit to a full 1%

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Western Australia officials have lifted the amount of THC allowable in industrial hemp to a full one percent, bringing the state in line with others in Australia – a global pace-setter in pushing THC limits higher.

Only Switzerland and Uruguay have a 1% upper limit for hemp while most nations around the world operate under rules setting the limit at 0.3%. European stakeholders are currently pushing EU officials to raise a member-state-wide 0.2% THC limit to the 0.3% level.

Potential to create jobs

The changes in Western Australia come in amendments to the Industrial Hemp Act of 2004, and were passed by the State Parliament last week. The previous limit in WA was 0.35% THC.

“The cross-party support for these amendments is a sign of the wide recognition for the job-creating potential of this industry for regional WA,” Alannah MacTiernan, West Australia Agriculture and Food Minister said after the amendments passed. “These amendments will reduce risk for hemp growers and open up new opportunities in hemp seed as a food and drink product.”

Australia and New Zealand opened their markets for hemp foods in April 2017.

The changes in Western Australia are expected to take effect in September.

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