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Which hemp variety to plant? Start with a holistic view

Hana Gabrielova, CEO, Hempoint, Czech RepublicHana Gabrielova, CEO, Hempoint, Czech Republic
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While hemp growers in Latin America & Southeast Asia continue to look for hemp varieties that will thrive, companies in northern “hemp zones” are advancing with fiber and grain initiatives, says Hana Gabrielova in this audio-visual presentation hosted by HempToday. Hana discusses seed selection and procurement, and the potential for European Union certified hemp varieties in the USA, and talks about hemp growing at tropical latitudes. Whatever your plans might be this year, you need to think about the entire supply chain, end products and markets before you begin, says the veteran Czech hemp expert whose company, Hempoint, recently marked its 10th anniversary.

Key time stamps to the Outlook:

00:49 Overview & discussion about hemp zones, and where hemp grows
Latitudinal aspects: European seeds and the USA
04:58 Hemp in southern latitudes
06:40 Raw materials: What are you growing for in 2021
07:49 Discussion about growing and selling CBG
09:19 Expected agronomic improvements for hemp grain varieties
10:52 Where fiber processing is being established
12:17 Must-do planting recommendations for fiber hemp
16:20 Potential and recommendations for hemp at latitudes such as Iceland
17:18 European seed varieties potential in USA
19:16 What varieties are growers planting
19:36 Recommended varieties for hemp seed for food products
20:36 Outlook for hemp cultivation seed prices
22:44 How can you be assured of quality seeds and service?
25:55 Planting fields planned; ideas for viability of small farms
27:30 Hempoint cultivation seed catalog

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