EIHA takes CBD statement before WHO

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The European Industrial Hemp Association is today presenting a pre-review of cannabidiol at the Opening Session of the 39th Expert Committee on Drug Dependence of the World Health Organization.

An EIHA delegation including member Boris Baňas, CSO at Czech-based CBDepot, is making the presentation on the Association’s behalf.

EIHA’s statement before WHO is based on information gathered during a campaign that started earlier this year among Europe-based cannabidiol (CBD) stakeholders, and summarizes industry arguments aimed at keeping CBD off international drug schedules.

The WHO committee is considering CBD and 15 other psycho-active substances during the current session.

Stakeholders want a “hands-off” approach to CBD, and are hoping the eventual outcome will follow that of ketamine, an anesthesia and pain relief medication. The Paris-based Foundation for Alternative Approaches to Addiction (FAAAT) also developed a brief it hopes will sway the WHO committee to treat CBD the same as ketamine.

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