GHA Q&A on decortication today

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Dave Greer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at CannaSystems, will talk about decortication and hemp processing on the Global Hemp Association (GHA) Education Series Virtual Q&A today. The online session is at 2 p.m. MST in the USA.

CannaSystems, based in Toronto, is the developer of the R-2 hemp decortication system, mobile technology to process hemp stalks.

CannaSystems designs, contract manufactures and sells equipment for production of industrial hemp biomaterials. Those materials, down the line, can be turned into a number of finished products – from textiles woven from the plant’s bast fibers, to bioplastics, building materials, fuel pellets, and biochar, one of the most promising potential uses of the hemp stem’s hard inner core (“hurd”).

The company is already in international deals to deliver the new technology, which can be installed on a farm or trailer mounted for semi-mobile operation.

The GHA Education Series focuses on environmental sustainability, health benefits, agriculture potential, product innovations, and new technological applications of industrial hemp.

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