Our Polish Golden Hemp Autumn

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Twenty-four leading hemp professionals from all over the world gathered in Poland Friday and Saturday, Oct. 21-22, 2016 for the Hemp2020 Investment Summit. Most rolled in on Thursday for the pre-Summit reception in The Palace at Nakło — HempToday headquarters. We shared ideas and intelligence and heard the stories that only a group of hemp veterans with more than 140 years combined experience in the industry can tell — our Summit speakers.

During down time, everything gravitated to the kitchen. We should have expected that — with Richard Rose, the Original Hemp Nut, and Tommy Mullen, a superb if somewhat hapless American cook on hand. Jace Callaway gave a demonstration and left behind a recipe for hemp tofu. Vegan gruel a la Rafał Modliński also graced the buffet.

Some guests stayed over for a day or two to enjoy the beautiful Polish Golden Autumn we’re having this year in south-central Poland.

Most importantly, we already have clear evidence that a number of joint projects are developing as a result of the connections made and intelligence shared during the Summit.

Links to two delightful videos by Riki Hiroi are below.

Videos by Riki Hiroi:

Walk Around Nakło length of video: 12 min. — in which Riki visits our local shop to buy a pack of cigarettes. We recommend you watch the entire film but you can jump ahead to 8:28 to see how Japanese and Poles communicate.
Hemp2020 buffet tour — length of video: 1 min. — with a slow-motion clip from the conference room in the middle — cool sound effects — then back to the food.

Speakers and other friends who attended the Hemp2020: Investment Summit:

Boris Baňas
Managing Director/CSO, CBDepot, s.r.o., Czech Republic

Dr. Jace Callaway
Finola Ltd, Finland

Rafael Dulon
CEO, Hanf Farm, Germany

Hana Gabrielova
CEO, Hempoint, Czech Republic

Daniel Kruse
Managing Director, Hempro Int. & Founder, HempConsult, Germany

John Beauchamp
Founder of Home Grown Media, Poland

Pamela Bosch
Founder, Highland Hemp House, USA

Federico Brunelli
Project Manager, Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development, Poland/Italy

Anita Hemmilä
Finola Ltd, Finland

Riki Hiroi
Each Japan, Inc., Japan

Darla Howe-Pierce
Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, USA

Mateusz Jędrasik
Founder, owner, Hampa.pl, Poland

Jacek Kramarz
Partner, Head of Sales, HemPoland, Poland

Natacha Leban
Partner, Good Foods, Poland

Michał Masak
Hemp Industries s.r.o., Slovakia & Creso Pharma

Rafał Modliński
CEO/Owner of Hemp Medicals, Poland

Tommy Mullen
Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, USA

Tomasz Rodziewicz
Owner, Hemp Factor, Poland

Richard Rose
Author & entrepreneur; the original “Hemp Nut” USA

Dhiraj Shah
Founder, Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures, Nepal

Nivedita Shah
Co-Founder, Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures, Nepal

Roman Strechaj
Hemp Industries s.r.o., Slovakia & Creso Pharma

Haile Selassé Tefari
Association of Ethiopian Unity, France, Ethiopia

Heinrich Wieker
Owner, H8 Automation; Inventor of Henry’s Harvester, Germany

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