HempFlax straw certified sustainable

HempFlax's €5 million processing facility in RomaniaHempFlax recently invested €5 million in a processing facility in Romania.

Hemp fibre produced by HempFlax, Oude Pekela, Holland, has been stamped sustainably certified under the ISCC regime. ISCC developed one of the first certification schemes to demonstrate compliance under EU Renewable Energy Directive requirements.

“We’re proud to be the first supplier in the world of a sustainably certified natural fiber,” said Mark Reinders, HempFlax’s CEO, who also noted the company will undergo the ISCC regime for its newly opened €5 million processing facility in Romania.

The designation means the fibre’s sustainability can be confirmed throughout the entire value chain, from agriculture to finished products, Reinders said.

German firm Hanf Farm GmbH got ISCC certification in January 2016 for its seeds, leaves and flowers.

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