Director of Polish Fibre Institute Dies

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Poland’s Institute of Natural Fibres & Medicinal Plants (INF) has announced the passing of its Director, Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Spychalski, who died last week.

With a wide international following, the INF is Poland’s only interdisciplinary research unit dedicated to the research of hemp, flax, silk, wool and other natural fibres.

A specialist in the economics of the food economy, Spychalski had led the INF since January 2009. He did higher studies at the Faculty of Zootechnical Agricultural University in Szczecin, where he completed a master’s and doctoral degrees, and earned a PhD. agricultural economics from the Warsaw Agricultural University. Mr. Spychalski held research fellowships in the UK, Northern Ireland and Sweden in the early 1990s, and in 2006  was appointed by the President of Poland as a professor of economics.

He also worked on projects related to the restructuring of the state of agriculture in Poland, focusing on sustainable agriculture and environmental policy in the ecosystem model of the market economy.

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