I’m pregnant. Can I take CBD?

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Q: I sell CBD in my store and a customer asked, “I’m pregnant. Can I take CBD?”

A: This is such a good question! The CBD industry is not doing a wonderful job of addressing this topic. In fact, the CBD industry rarely mentions when you should not be using CBD. Reputable CBD companies are answering this question on their websites or through customer education, but there are unfortunately only a few companies that do so.

Back to your question! It is important to know what you are selling and be ready for questions. Of course, your customers should always consult with their physician. However, there are questions that arise, that as the retailer, you should be able to answer. The answer is: if you are pregnant or breast feeding you should not be using CBD.

Why, you might ask, can’t pregnant/breast feeding women take CBD? Truth be told, there is very limited data on pregnant women using CBD. There are animal studies that suggest some toxicity. So, it is advised not to use CBD during pregnancy. As for breast-feeding, there are no human clinical data on CBD in human milk, the effects on milk production, or the effects on the breastfed infant. However, animal studies do show changes in the lactating animal when given CBD. We know that CBD is highly protein bound and will probably pass into the milk. Therefore, to be cautious, breast-feeding women should not use CBD.

In conclusion, when you sell CBD in your store, don’t act like a doctor. Instead, be informed and be able to answer basic, important questions. Referring your customers to their physicians for medical advice and answers is always advised. Just make sure you know what you know and stay in your own lane!

Jenny Dembiec is Founder and Owner of RxCOMMEND, a premium CBD brand found at www.RxCOMMEND.com and @RxCOMMEND. Her passion is to help people feel and live better. Being in the healthcare field for 20+ years and receiving her MBA, she set out to provide the most effective CBD products while uplifting the CBD industry into a respected treatment option. Jenny’s goal is to spread correct, medically-based information on CBD to help companies and customers thrive.

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