BOHECO, govt. to study MMJ in India

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(With biz notes on: GW Pharmaceuticals, American Green, Hempoint, Dr. Bronners.)

The Indian government gave a first-ever license to grow and study medical marijuana to Mumbai-based Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO). The company says it will do research in cooperation with India’s Council of Scientific and Medical Research involving 20 kinds of medical cannabis. They’ve already collected samples from around India to study for CBD.

GW: Healthcare investing stockpicker Motley Fool outlines three reasons why GW Pharmacauticals (UK) “could still be a gold mine.”

Pennies: OTC-traded American Green purportedly bought the entire town of Nipton, California to turn it into a cannabis tourist trap — or so the company said in a press release. New Cannabis Ventures says to stop and check the company’s most recent financials, which reflect some distress.

Hempoint: The Czech-based consultancy, seed broker and hemp foods maker has redesigned its website with platform execution by MPR Studio (USA) and editorial services from HempToday. 

Bronners backs research: Dr. Bronners (Califonia, USA) gave $100,000 to help fund a multi-year hemp research project in Pennslyvania by Rodale Institute. An additional $5,000 pledge came from U.S.-based Nutiva’s CEO and founder John Roulac.

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