Israeli breeder to set up in California

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Israeli cannabis breeder CanBreed purchased a 3.5 acre (~1.4 hectare) farm in San Diego County, California where it plans to set up greenhouses and other facilities to produce hemp cultivation seeds for the U.S. market. CanBreed is a licensee of CRISPR gene editing technology the company said it is using to create GMO hemp breeds that adapt plant structure for mechanized harvesting, increase protein content and adjust to changing climates. The company develops cultivars for medical and industrial cannabis, including strains with specific chemical profiles for the pharmaceutical industry. Construction on the California project is scheduled to begin in early 2021. The company said it should be operational to begin selling seeds at the end of next year. Projected output is about 12.5 million seeds per year initially, eventually ramping up to about 50 million seeds annually, CanBreed said.

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