Italian farmers could get €300 per hectare under new funding program

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Italian hemp farmers can get up to €300 per hectare of hemp grown under a funding program recently set in motion.

The Italian government earmarked €3 million in government funds for hemp from a total €10 million aimed at advancing the development of “minor supply chains.”

“Now hemp will be able to count on the first funds to strengthen the synergies between operators in the sector, creating a system, and to improve production by focusing on research,” said Giuseppe L’Abbate, a deputy from the M5S party who has backed the hemp industry and who serves on the Agriculture Commission.

Research, grants

In addition to the farm subsidies, which offer the €300-per-hectare support payments up to a maximum 50 hectares, the hemp funding is intended for research and other grants to companies that invest in post-harvest production stages such as drying, cleaning, scutching, and packaging. Those companies must meet quality standards for hemp seed and seed-based food products.

The money was allocated after a decree signed by Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Stefano Patuanelli that set criteria for allocating the €10 million for the “protection and relaunch” of supply chains in hemp, beekeeping, brewing, and nuts. The brewing sector received €3.5 million, while €3 million went to the nut sector and €500,000 for beekeeping.

The State-Regions Conference and the Ministry of Economy and Finance agreed on the criteria and set other guidelines for funding under the program.

‘Not merely playful’

“Our commitment continues because we strongly believe in this cultivation with a thousand industrial, pharmaceutical, construction and food uses and not merely playful as some would like to belittle,” L’Abbate said.

The Ministry said the funding will support research into development of new hemp varieties, THC control, mechanization and primary processing.

With reporting by Canapa Industriale

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