Author will address hemp’s potential for post civil war Liberia

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Author Quanuquanei ‘Q.’ Karmue will talk about  “Hemp’s Promise for Liberia and Sub-Saharan Africa” at this year’s 2nd Annual Asian Hemp Summit, Jan. 31-Feb. 1 in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Karmue, author of “WITNESS: A Civil War Through The Eyes of A Child,” is Executive Director at Save More Kids, an NGO dedicated to providing support for children who suffered as a result of the Liberian Civil War at the beginning of the century. 

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Among other initiatives, Save More Kids has a goal to purchase up to 100,000 acres of land throughout Liberia over the next 3-5 years to sow hemp and empower local communities. 


Having fled war-torn Liberia as a child during the Civil War, Karmue emigrated to the United States, where he eventually completed an undergraduate degree at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree at East Tennessee State University (ETSU). 

Karmue’s presentation will be featured among those in a “Sustainability Solutions” content block on the Summit program that also will feature:

Hana Gabrielova, Hempoint, Czech Republic, whose presentation is entitled “Hemp as an important tool for the European Green Deal and SDG’s.” Founder and CEO at Hempoint, Gabrielova is a widely recognized activist and consultant on everything from hemp farming to patient focused certification (PFC) for medical cannabis. Her company advises farmers on hemp cultivation, and is an organic hemp food producer.

Wolf Jordan, Wolf Jordan & Co., Belgium, one of Europe’s leading experts in eco-construction and the production of high quality natural paints, plasters and renders for the building industry. Jordan will discuss “Hemp for Reinventing Agriculture, Our Economy and Our Lifestyle” The founder and sole owner of Wolf Jordan & Co., which operates out of Greenbizz, a Brussels-based incubator that backs startups and small firms focused on sustainability, Jordan is also a lecturer, educator and innovator who has worked on natural building projects all over the world.

Dhiraj K. Shah, Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures, Nepal, who will talk about “Industrial Hemp’s Promise for Developing Nations.” Shah is a co-founder of SHIV, co-organizer of the Asian Hemp Summit. The company sources hemp “wildcrop” from locals for a growing range of applications and products in health & beauty and hemp construction along with textiles. SHIV also has completed several hemp construction projects for poor villagers and for public medical facilities.

Asia’s potential

The Summit will unite entrepreneurs, politicians, development agencies, researchers, environmental groups, retailers, and private hemp enthusiasts to explore the ever-expanding potential of Asian nations in hemp production as well as the vast consumer markets across the continent.

Sessions on market developments around the world, entrepreneurship, investing and public service will highlight the event, which also will feature presentations covering a wide range of hemp sectors and hemp-specific processing technology along with reports on select Asian countries.

HempBoutique Showroom

The Summit also will feature HempToday Boutique, a traveling pop-up showroom adjacent to the main Summit hall that will feature hemp products from around the world. The HempToday Boutique has been featured in the past at NoCo Hemp Expo in Colorado, USA, the European Industrial Hemp Association’s annual conference and the Latin-American & Caribbean Hemp Summit.

Speakers and topics for the Asian Hemp Summit 2020:

  • Kehrt Reyher, HempToday; “Industry Overview & Global Hemp Hotspots.”
  • Daniel Kruse, Hempro Int. GmbH & HempConsult GmbH, Germany; “HempConsult GmbH: Key Markets, Key Indicators: Data for a Growing Industry”; plus “EIHA: Industry Voice for Europe & the World”
  • Nando Knodel, Monophases SRL, Germany; “A Hemp Commodity Trading Platform, and Modern Technologies Applied to the Hemp Supply Chain.”
  • Sanford Stein, Lowis & Gellen LLP; Cannabis Law LLC, USA; “How to Achieve a Successful National Legislative, Compliance & Regulatory Program”
  • Quanuquanei ‘Q.’ Karmue, Save More Kids, Inc., Liberia; “Hemp’s Promise for Liberia and Sub-Saharan Africa”
  • Hana Gabrielova, Hempoint, Czech Republic; “Hemp as an important tool for European Green Deal and SDG’s”
  • Wolf Jordan, Wolf Jordan & Co., Belgium; “Hemp for Reinventing Agriculture, Our Economy and Our Lifestyle”
  • Ashana Dar Farooq, R&D Advisor, Pakistan; “Cannabis – Historical uses of whole plant in health and well-being”
  • Bilabh Shrestha, Cosmic Annunaki, Nepal, “Turning Hemp Stalks into Edible Charcoal”
  • Daniel Kruse, Hempro Int. GmbH & HempConsult GmbH, Germany; “Solar Powered Hemp Factory & the MultiCombine HC 3400 Hemp Harvester”
  • Kehrt Reyher, HempToday; “The HurdMaster 1000 Hemp Micro-Decorticator & Henry’s Hemp Harvester for Small & Mid-Size Farms”
  • Mohamad Johan, MHIRA – Malaysia HempTech Industrial Research Association; “Malaysia’s Effort Toward Linking UN’s Sustainable Development Goals & Industrial Hemp”
  • Nivedita Bansal Shah, SHIV, India, Nepal; “Indian Hemp 2020: Country Overview & Update”
  • Thomas Kloepfer, Pitchfork Farms, Japan (USA); “Hemp in Japan, Past, Present, Future: Research Report: Nepal”
  • Eline Verheul, Ceylon Hemp Effect, Sri Lanka “Country profile: Sri Lanka”
  • Muhammed A Qayyum, Fytocina SL, Spain & Pakistan; “Cannabis in Pakistan: Historical and Legal Perspectives”
  • Patryk Czech, Afori, sp. z. o.o, Poland; “Technology for Mastering the CBD Value Chain”
  • “Dhiraj K. Shah, Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures, Nepal: “Industrial Hemp’s Promise for Developing Nations”

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