Supplement from Spain’s Fytocina mixes hemp protein, Rhodiola

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Barcelona-based natural products specialist Fytocina SL has developed and will soon launch Hemp Daily Focus, a capsule based on organic hemp protein powder, Rhodiola and a range of minerals and vitamins.

In development for two years, Hemp Daily Focus is one of the first hemp and botanical food supplements approved for sale in Germany, Ireland and Spain, said Muhammed A Qayyum, Fytocina’s co-founder and CEO.


Hemp compounds in the capsules are derived from the plant’s seed and therefore contain no THC or CBD, Fytocina said. That puts it beyond restrictions under the EU’s confusing regulations governing CBD and other extracts derived from the hemp plant’s flowering tops. Hemp Daily Focus can therefore be sold online and in retail shops – health food stores, natural product outlets and pharmacies – with no worries.

“We clearly understand the benefits of CBD and THC,” Qayyum said, “but as those compounds remain in a legal limbo, we’re demonstrating that hemp has many other properties that can be exploited for people’s health.”

Mixing modern science and traditional herbs, Hemp Daily Focus is recommended to ease stress, increase focus and otherwise improve mental and physical performance. The product, which is vegetarian and gluten-free, is aimed at students, athletes and others who can benefit from increased stamina, Qayyum said

Sales to start soon

Qayyum said a first batch of the capsules, for online sales and sampling to distributors and retailers, will be ready next month. Commercial production is expected to commence at the turn of the year, when Fytocina will begin an aggressive marketing program.

Aside from the hempseed protein powder, which contains all nine essential amino acids, fiber, healthy fats and minerals, the Rhodiola in the mix has adaptogenic, stress-protective and antioxidant effects that stimulate cognitive functions such as attention, memory and learning. The product is packaged in 60-capsule units.

Riches in Rhodiola

Rhodiola, scientifically known as “Rhodiola rosea” and commonly referred to as “gold root” or “arctic root,” grows wild and has a rich history in the arctic regions of Europe, Asia and North America, where it is sometimes propagated as a groundcover. One of the most popular plant adaptogens, Rhodiola has been proven to improve physical endurance and work productivity.

The hemp and Rhodiola in Hemp Daily Focus are supplemented by magnesium, and vitamins B6, B9, B12 and D, which also help reduce fatigue.

Fytocina also recently started distribution in Spain of a line of hemp bar shampoos and conditioners from Katowice, Poland-based Herbs & Hydro. The Polish company also has distribution of those products in Ireland, England and Norway.

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