2020 Hemp Planting Season Outlook

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This episode: HempToday Editor & Publisher Kehrt Reyher reviews answers to the Hemp Farming Outlook Micro-Survey and discusses seed selection and procurement with Hana Gabrielova, European hemp veteran, seed broker, farmer and CEO at Hempoint in the Czech Republic.

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00:23 Biographical background: Hana Gabrielova

  • Hana’s work with HempTheClimate
  • Hana’s work with the EC Industrial Crop Focus Group on Sustainable Industrial Crops in Europe
  • Hana’s work with the International Cannabis & Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI)
  • Hana’s work with the CzecHemp Cluster

08:25 Responses & responding countries

  • Purpose of the survey.

09:21 – Survey Question 1: What raw materials are you growing for in 2020? 

  • Trends and outlook for fiber. 
  • A moment of transition and experimentation. 
  • Status of fiber processing infrastructure. 
  • Priming the market for fiber. 

17:19 – Survey Question 2: How many hemp varieties will you grow in 2020? Research and experimental planting. 

  • Why farmers plant different varieties. 
  • Recommendations for hemp seed food production varieties. 
  • Recommendations for developing fiber farming.

20:20 – European catalogue of hemp varieties. 

  • Most popular and available varieties. 
  • Characteristics of European hemp varieties. 
  • Future of cultivation seed pricing. 
  • Requirements to be in the seed multiplication business. 
  • Low-THC strains. 
  • THC levels around the world.
  • Multi cropping.

31:48 – Survey Question 3: How do you decide what seeds to grow?

  • Recommendations for sourcing planting seed.
  • Buying European seed for growing in USA.

37:53 – Latitude as a factor in selecting seeds.

  • Breeding hemp for different climates.
  • Importance of indigenous varieties.

43:01 – Survey Question 4: Where did you/do you plan to purchase seeds for the 2020 planting year?

  • The market for cultivation seeds this year
  • Trends among buyers
  • Who are the buyers?

46:15Survey Question 5: How many hectares/acres of hemp will you grow in 2020?

  • Where and how Hempoint farms
  • Economics of growing hemp on a small scale

48:33Other topics

  • Status of market information & transparency
  • Looking ahead: Industrial hemp in 2025

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