United Kingdom

Hemp Seed Oil Europe is the authorized European representative of Hemp Oil Canada Inc., the biggest processor of hemp seed in the world.
Hempco Europe is part of Hempco Canada Superfoods; a pioneer within the global hemp seed industry since 2002; launching a number of ‘world first’ products. Our retail brand is ‘PlanetHemp’ and our mission is to bring the benefits of hemp as a food, food supplement and its many other applications to the attention of markets across Europe, engaging with the mass media, driving consumer awareness and establishing ‘PlanetHemp’ as the ‘go to brand’ for all things hemp; www.planethemp.ca.
The world’s best made ethical smoking roach tip handmade in Cornwall, England for the best possible smoking experience known to man and woman.
UK company specializing in hempcrete construction since 2008. Services include; construction contractor; material supply; hempcrete-specialist architectural design; domestic and international hempcrete training and consultancy.