Crowdfunding campaign backs Moroccan project

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Restoration of a 20 sq. m traditional Moroccan farm building and the construction of a second, similar structure are the goals of a crowdfunding campaign recently launched by German and Moroccan partners.

The project, an initiative of German architect and natural builder Monika Brümmer of Granada-based Cannabric, and Abdellatif Adebibe of the Moroccan Confederation of Associations for the Development of the Senhaja Rif Region, is part of a broader initiative to improve living conditions in the High Central Rif. They hope to capitalize on the economic potential of the region’s cannabis straw to retrofit older structures and for new builds made from hempcrete, and are exploring the export potential for hemp hurd. The crowdfunding campaign, on Vision Bakery, seeks just over €30,000 for the project in the tiny village of Fir Tagourth.

“Our idea is a sustainable economic model based on agricultural waste,” said Brümmer, adding that the initiative will support the struggle against deforestation, erosion and water loss in the region. “Restoring and constructing buildings to reduce energy and resource consumption and retaining hemp in building materials of high durability are effective measures to reverse climate change,” she added.

The initiative would train locals in the use of hemp in construction, providing skills and local economic activity — in addition to improved shelter — in the impoverished region.

Brümmer and Adebibe recently formed “Adrar Nouh,” a cooperative in support of efforts to improve conditions in the High Central Rif.

Brümmer’s firm is a producer of pre-fabricated hemp bricks, building blocks and other construction materials.

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