Co-op formed to back Moroccan project

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German natural builder Monika Brümmer and a Moroccan partner have launched “Adrar Nouh,” a cooperative to transform cannabis agricultural waste for use in industrial applications and artisan products in Morocco.

Brümmer, a German architect, researcher and long-time natural builder, is working in partnership with Abdellatif Adebibe of the Moroccan Confederation of Associations for the Development of the Senhaja Rif Region, in an initiative to improve living conditions in the Morocco’s High Central Rif by capitalizing on the economic potential of the region’s cannabis straw in retrofit and for new buildings, as well as its export potential.

The cooperative extends their work into the production of a wider range of products. Brümmer serves as president of the initiative; Adebibe is vice president. A crowdfunding project is planned to support the restoration of two small buildings in a Rif Village.

Brümmer is the founder and owner of Granada-based Cannabric, a producer of pre-fabricated hemp bricks, building blocks and other construction materials.

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