Workshop will retrofit tiny building’s roof

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Tiny Hemp Houses (THH), Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA is hosting a hemp building workshop May 12-14 to demonstrate how the material can be used to retrofit the roof in an existing tiny building. Accreditations to attend the hands-on event are still available.

The building, shared offices for THH and Europe-based HempToday, will get hemp-based insulation that will allow the roof to collect and store heat from a wood stove that warms the structure in winter, John Patterson, THH founder, said. In summer, the roof will absorb and store heat while keeping the interior comfortable during daylight hours, then cool down during the night.

See John Patterson’s video invitation

The construction mixture, with hemp supplied by Hemp Inc., Spring Hope, North Carolina, will also be applied to a corner of the building to make a heat collector behind the stove, and serve as insulation from potentially combustible traditional building material behind it.

Knowledge gained from the workshop project, and observation of how the hemp-lime mixture performs will go into a bigger project at HempToday Center in the Nakło Foundation, which houses HT’s editorial offices, and seminar and hospitality facilities in Europe. Tiny Hemp Houses and the Foundation are studying potential solutions for insulation and interior wall construction at the Center, situated in the attic of an 18th century estate in the village of Nakło in south central Poland.

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