Abrupt turnabout for medical cannabis in Poland

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Medical cannabis in Poland seemed to be moving along this year, with seminars and hearings in government circles and with considerable support among the public. That was all quickly – and a bit surprisingly – smashed by governing Law & Justice party leaders, however, at the end of November when they basically just said “nope to dope.” Effect on hemp? CBD is on the market in Poland. And although it’s not marketed as medicine, it’s in many apothecaries. Meanwhile, the market for hemp products in Poland is in a solid growth trend as local producers and vendors see strong demand for hemp products, which is being fed by a great group of entrepreneurs dealing in food, soft drinks, cosmetics, clothing, accessories and building materials; and with some interesting research going on. (Yes, we’re partial on Poland). With the advancements in hemp so far stretching from farm to shelf, we’re doubtful the government’s attitude on marijuana will have much bearing on the hemp sector itself. But you never know.

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