U.S. research team will study effects of CBD and THC on 4 afflictions

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A team of U.S. researchers said it will embark on clinical trials that explore the effectiveness of CBD and THC in treating symptoms of a range of afflictions.

The University of California San Diego School of Medicine’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research said it will research the two compounds in the treatment of autism, anorexia, essential tremor, and early psychosis.

The series of trials, for which the team is now seeking participants, includes:

  • A study of essential tremor, a nervous system disorder, in which 16 participants will receive 20:1 CBD to THC formula.
  • A study among 30 children 8-12 suffering from moderate to severe autism, half of whom will get oral doses of CBD while the other half is administered a placebo. The groups will reverse their intake in a second stage of that project.
  • An anorexia nervosa study involving 10 participants 18 and older who have been diagnosed with that condition. The goal of that trial, which starts next year, is to determine if CBD is safe and to check its effect on symptoms such as anxiety.
  • A study on early psychosis that will check how well CBD can reduce symptoms and improve overall cognition while examining its effect on biological response to stress and antipsychotic medication-induced eating behaviors. Seventy-eight adult participants in the trial who have been diagnosed with first episode psychosis will supplement doses of antipsychotic medication with randomized doses of CBD or placebos in that study.

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