Aromatics, ‘hempalace’ on tap at Hemp2020

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Haile Selassie Tefari
Haïle Selassé Tefari

Aromatic applications to terpenes, legal hemp sinsemilla and related nobacco/cannaster products, and results on hemp honey experiments are among the industry topics that will be covered by Haïle Selassé Tefari, founder of France-based Hemp Service International (HSI), during the Hemp2020 Investment Summit Oct. 20-21 in Poland. HSI is a wholesaler and retailer of cannaromatherapy products and works on other hemp initiatives in France.

Tefari will also discuss “The Jamaican Success Story” and its direct consequences for other equatorial countries; opportunities, threats and challenges for existing European and North-American hemp stakeholders, and how the “Hempalace” is poised to revolutionize architecture.

Hemp stakeholders from 13 countries on four continents will gather for the second annual Summit at HempToday Center.

Other sessions and speakers for Hemp2020 include:

Down on the Family Farm
Piotr Jastrebski, Podlaskie Konopie (Poland)
Experiences in hemp farming, multi-crop usage, hemp varieties and hemp farming and processing technology. Adapting traditional farming machines for field work. Market potential and advancements in Poland’s hempcrete construction sector with a survey of projects completed and under way. Hemp-building education and training.

The Big Hemp Tent
Morris Beegle, President & Founder/We Are For Better Alternatives LLC (Colorado/USA)
Working together to address the major challenges of the hemp industry. Media communications, entertainment and the hemp industry. Experiences from NoCo Hemp Expo, the biggest and most important industrial hemp event in North America. Overview of the U.S. hemp industry and major centers of action in industry development. Short overview of U.S. hemp associations and what they do.

Hemp as Superfood and Medicine
Rafael Dulon, Hanf Farm/Germany
Update on developments in two hot hemp sectors. Optimal strategies for cultivation to maximize yield, quality and value of raw materials. With an overview of organic hemp farming and a review of the steadily growing ‘eco’ and health-conscious European hemp food market.

The Case for Carolina Hemp
Preston Whitfield, Source Hemp (North Carolina/USA); NoCo Hemp Expo (Colorado)
Brief history of hemp in North Carolina up to present day; North Carolina hemp overview and outlook; next key challenges; economic potential for the state; key companies and state agencies, including organizations/companies/individuals who are pushing the case for N.C. Hemp. The whole tobacco-as-replacement crop logic, etc. transitioning, etc. opportunities up and down the value chain. What hemp can mean for NC agriculture. N.C. compared to Colorado (for example) in terms of how things develop.

Building a Trans-Atlantic Alliance
Rick Trojan Hemp Road Trip (USA)
Fact finding and anecdotal overview from European Tour; what USA needs/can capitalize on from Europe; technology; knowhow; research; At same time, what’s been/being developed in USA that could move west to east? What U.S. investor side looks like and how you see European potential to attract U.S. investment, form partnerships, etc. Markets (sectors) to be exploited.

Economics of Hempcrete Construction Sector
Wolf Jordan, Wolf Jordan & Associates (Belgium)
Trends, supply & demand in hempcrete construction, and hemp’s potential in the broader “green building” movement. Basic material and equipment needs and costs for hempcrete building. Framing and application techniques. Experiences and advantages of working inside a green incubator. Hemp-lime formulas and additives; natural paints, oils, waxes, pigments. 

Hemp and Local Economic Development
Michel Terestchenko, Mayor, Hlukhiv, Ukraine
Overview of an initiative to rejuvenate the Hlukiv, Ukraine-based Institute of Bast Crops (IBC), one of the world’s largest centers for developing new hemp varieties, which focuses on improving fiber quality and yields, and diminishing THC content. IBC is the centerpiece for an industrial hemp development project in city Hlukhiv, a traditional hemp farming area of the Sumy region. Mayor Terestchenko is developing plans for a hemp healing center as part of an effort to re-center the local economy – at least in part – around hemp.

Startups, Public Companies and the IPO experience
Boaz Wachtel, Creso Pharma (Australia)
Overview of leading public companies in the cannabis space and the IPO experience. Lessons learned in startups. Corporate Social Responsibility and the hemp and cannabis industries. Product development overview — envisioning how the CBD and MMJ sectors will expand and develop.

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