DEA did NOT make CBD Schedule 1 Drug

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It’s not the first time we’ve picked up (and later removed) some report from what have generally proven to be reliable sources, only to find out later that there were some nuances not recognized.

We cast no aspersions on, whose story (Dec. 14, 2016) about the most recent noise around CBD in the USA we linked to. And to their credit they quickly issued an addendum explaining the situation. By Dec. 16 they’d published a full and updated review of the situation based on an interview with well-known cannabis attorney Robert Hoban.

Make no mistake about it. There are land mines out there.

Richard Rose did the best job summing it up in his post to the Medicinal Hemp Association facebook page on Dec. 23. He begins:

“Please be thoughtful when trying to convince the world that “DEA made CBD Schedule 1” when it didn’t. The more the average retailer or consumer thinks CBD is illegal or Schedule 1 or whatever cloud is in their mind about it, will have a devastating effect on the demand and thus the market for CBD.”

Note to stakeholders: We’re afraid Richard’s take on this is recorded history now. This noise WILL have an effect on the American CBD market over the next year. While it’s very hard to predict the full impact, the original unclear story caught enough of a virus in the American media that it can ONLY result in a hit to CBD demand. So better to adjust your outlook, business plans and investment strategies in the short term — at least as regards the market in the United States.

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