Débora Paulino will head HempToday’s new Portuguese language edition

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HempToday has launched a Portuguese language news service covering industrial hemp, the fifth non-English iteration of its flagship edition published since 2015.

Nakło Foundation, HempToday’s parent, named communications veteran Débora Paulino of Obelisk Farms, Latvia, Executive Director and Editor of the Portuguese edition, which the two organizations are operating under a partnership.

HempToday em Português will provide industry reports on key Portuguese speaking markets for translation on HempToday’s global English-language report, and offer Portuguese-speaking readers global hemp news in translation, the partners said.

Nations’ potential

“The Portuguese speaking countries find themselves at different levels of development with hemp, which makes it fascinating,” said Paulino. “Portugal is challenged internally, but with greater and greater clarity coming from the EU, it clearly has huge potential.”

Meanwhile, the market in Brazil is just now taking shape, Paulino said, while the potential for hemp in Mozambique and Angola, both of which have long historical ties to cannabis, is just beginning to be explored.

A native of Lisbon, Paulino brings a decade’s professional experience in communications to her position at HempToday em Português. A specialist in advertising and social networks, she holds a degree in Communication and Public Relations from the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, Portugal, and is currently finishing her Masters in Communication and Media at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.

She is the co-founder of Obelisk Farm, a learning center, a working hemp farm and producer of craft hemp food products based in Obeliškas, Latvia.

Common denominators

Naklo Foundation and Obelisk said they will develop other communications and networking assets, building on HempToday’s current business portfolio, synergistic development goals and common missions.

HempToday, the international hemp industry networking company, is owned by the Naklo Foundation of Poland. The foundation is also the organizer of international hemp-focused micro-summits at its Center of Excellence in Poland, and has organized international conferences in Latin America and Asia. Obelisk Farm organizes local seminars and training events at its center in Latvia.

“We’re very anxious to explore more deeply what’s happening in the key Portuguese speaking markets,” said Kehrt Reyher of HempToday. “While stakeholders in these countries have different challenges, the common denominator aside from language is that they all need information, intelligence and education on the industry,” Reyher said.

Board of advisers

HempToday em Português has enlisted a board of industry advisers including: Humberto J. Nogueira, (ACCIP) Association of Industrial Hemp Merchants of Portugal; Hugo Monteiro, LUSICANNA, Portugal; Miguel Negrão and João Costa, CannaCasa, Portugal; and Lorenzo Rolim da Silva, Latin-American Industrial Hemp Association, Brazil.

HempToday em Português is the fifth non-English iteration of HempToday, which launched a Japanese language edition in cooperation with Prossimo, Japan’s leading hemp company, in 2017, later starting HempToday en Español in 2019, followed by HempToday Czechia in the Czech Republic in 2020, and HempToday DACH for German speaking countries in April of this year.

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