FAAAT seeks funding to shield CBD

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The Foundation for Alternative Approaches to Addiction (FAAAT) has launched a crowdfunding campaign to stop CBD from being listed on international drug schedules.

“The next six months offer (an) unprecedented context in which CBD could eventually be scheduled in the international lists of psychotropic and narcotic drugs that apply to 187 countries,” the group said.

The United Nations drug control system has considered cannabis as a drug since 1961, but CBD has been outside the lists of UN control. FAAAT fears that could be about to change

FAAAT has has been pressuring the United Nations system to strengthen scientific methodology and comprehensiveness of data regarding medical cannabis and its derivatives since 2009.

“The inclusion of CBD in the schedules would block the development of research and the availability of cannabidiol for those who are in need, and deal a fatal blow to CBD use in all forms,” FAAAT said, noting such a move would harm the burgeoning number of small-scale hemp operations.

The group seeks to raise $18,000 for the awareness campaign.

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