HempToday launches 2017 Harvest Reports


HempToday has started a series of Hemp Harvest Reports to catalog anecdotal accounts from hemp operations around the world. “Farmers and producers sharing these experiences help us spread knowhow and insight into the technology and equipment being used to harvest hemp,” said Kehrt Reyher, HempToday’s Editor & Publisher.

The reports will also reflect the versatility of hemp, and the many products that can be made from the plant’s component parts, spotlighting expanding innovation in harvesting, processing and product development, Reyher said. 

Any agro firms growing hemp or in hemp growing cooperatives, contract growers, investors or researchers can submit reports

In the first filing, Czech-based Hempoint reported it is bringing in a total 8 hectares of 7 hemp varieties in a process that started mid-August and will end in mid-October. The planting was timed to keep a crew of 60 busy hand harvesting different varieties sequentially, said Hempoint CEO Hana Gabrielova.