Global Hemp Effort to Launch at IHBA Event

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Initiative Chanvre (IC) (The Hemp Initiative), a global effort to develop and promote low-cost business models and tools for the local hemp industries, will have its initial unveiling during the Industrial Hemp Building Association’s (IHBA) 5th symposium Oct. 6-7 in Uckermark, Germany.

It is the first public step in the launch of IC, which will be followed by activities planned at the World Hemp Village, being held simultaneously during the COP21 climate change summit set for Paris Dec. 5-6. Initiative Chanvre will use both events to continue recruitment of environmental activists the world over to join the effort as hemp country ambassadors and early adopters.

The World Hemp Village will gather hemp experts and hemp entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services in a hall dedicated to IC stake holders, partners, sponsors and members. Round table talks will be held to brainstorm ideas for the international initiative, which aims to spread the word about, and encourage hemp farming, and the use of products such as hemp building materials and food.

Initiative Chanvre is also in the process of building out a web platform, set to formally launch near the end of September.

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