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Regional commission in Sardinia green-lights proposed hemp bill

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A regional commission in Sardinia has green-lighted a bill that would regulate the production and processing of hemp, setting the stage for fast development of the local supply chain.

In addition to opening up the island to the wide range of hemp sub-sectors, officials say hemp can play a role in reclaiming polluted land and in groundwater management.

The commission this week approved a compromise hemp bill that merged draft measures from competing political groups. The resulting law would “put order in the sector,” the commission said. The Regional Council must still approve the law.

‘Long overdue’

“This is a long overdue provision,” said Piero Maieli, the commission’s president. “Many young farmers are betting on this type of activity but often encounter bureaucratic difficulties and an excess of controls due to unclear legislation.”

Only 600 hectares of hemp were planted in the region in 2019, the last year for which figures are available. But local officials said a growing number of entrepreneurial young farmers are establishing themselves in hemp operations.

The regional government said it will support agro-industrial supply chains in food, bioenergy and green building. The measure would support research, training, the construction of processing facilities and the introduction of advanced technology for sowing, harvesting, storage and processing. Establishment of a monitoring center for crops is also planned.

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