Despite tough market, CBD isolate sellers ‘not ready to adjust their prices’

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Prices for CBD isolates in Europe appear to have stabilized at €750/€800 per kg., according to a first-ever quarterly benchmark report from CanXchange, the European commodities exchange for physical hemp and CBD products.

In the CanXchange Benchmark Price (CBP), a calculation of the natural price expected by wholesalers, the company reported current isolate prices “down” while volumes are indicated as “neutral.” The report, issued this week, notes that while isolate prices are generally four times lower than 2019, nonetheless “sellers do not seem ready to adjust their prices accordingly as of yet.”

“In order to regain four digit prices, it will most likely require higher demand and important stock outputs,” CanXchange said in the report.

Transparency, efficiency

The company said the benchmark reports are intended to advance transparency and efficiency in the European hemp markets in support of growers, producers and other industry stakeholders.

In addition to CBD isolate, the quarterly analysis will offer data on biomass (CBD whole flowers, CBD hemp flowers), CBD crude oil and hemp seeds, products in highest demand for which a large amount of data is already available, CanXchange said. In addition to benchmark prices, the reports record volume data and a geographical breakdown among western, southern and eastern Europe for each product.

‘Sell-side’ perspective

CanXchange says it intends to “offer a perspective from the sell side of the industry, along with market insight on the direction that specific product lines could be heading,” by tracking price movements over an extended period of time and projecting supply and demand for the key hemp sectors it has identified.

“Our industry is growing exponentially in a very volatile environment. Farmers, producers, extractors and also service providers, have to navigate and steer their ships having very low visibility on the market and with a constant uncertain legal environment,” CanXchange said in an introduction to the report.

DOWNLOAD: CanXchange Benchmark Report, April 2021

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